CROROCH and Treating Osteoarthritis

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CROROCH and Treating Osteoarthritis

Incidence of osteoarthritis in obese patients reach 55%.

Every 1kg over weight in body make 4 kg  over load on Knee and 6 kg over load on Back

Obesity is widely acknowledged as a risk factor for both the incidence and progression of osteoarthritis, and has a negative influence on outcomes. Loss of at least 10& of body weight, which is resulting of following a weight loss workout plan that contains fat burning foods and drinks, coupled with exercise, is recognized as a cornerstone in the management of obese patients with osteoarthritis, and can lead to significant improvement in symptoms, pain relief, physical function and health-related quality of life. However, questions still remain surrounding optimal management. Given the significant health, social and economic burden of osteoarthritis, especially in obese patients